Dark Suns live on stage at UT Connewitz in Jan 2015

We are very happy to announce that Dark Suns will play a full 2hours show (again) in complete line up at UT Connewitz on January 10, 2015. Support will be a really great young band from Berlin, Kris Kelvin. Come along! Info about tickets will follow shortly.

Dark Suns - India tour 2013!

German Experimental Progressive Rock band Dark Suns- 1st India tour from 8th - 14th July 2013. Organizers and promoters from any city in India and/or Nepal contact us for booking Dark Suns for your festival, headlining and co-headlining slots available! Email us for more details: nicky@unseenunderground.com. Check out the band page on UnseenUnderground website at http://unseenunderground.com/dark-suns-germany.

Saturday morning... some bad sleep... barely tuned guitars, but some nice feeling though... enjoy the video. This song is more than 10 years old.

Unplugged Show am 08.03. in Leipzig


Aller guten Dinge sind Drei... Daher gibts nochmals eine Unplugged Show mit ein paar Überraschungen am schönen Frauentag (wie einst im UT) in der schönen Villa in Leipzig. Wir freuen uns auf Euch!

Nochmal Unplugged im Juni mit Pain Of Salvation


Es geht entschwert weiter. Am 8. Juni spielen wir im Vorprogramm von Pain Of Salvation unser Akustik-Set. Yeah.

Wird ein schöner Abend in feinem Ambiente. Kommt vorbei!

Show bei den Cammerspielen am 29.März


Am 29.03. werden wir in den Gefilden der Connewitzer Cammerspiele eine "entschwerte" Runde ansetzen. Schön beschaulich in kleiner gemütlicher Runde.

Im Prinzip ist es unser erster offizieller Unplugged-Gig, wir haben ein paar spezielle Geschichten eingeplant. Seid gespannt und kommt vorbei!

Wer sich Karten sichern will, richte sich direkt an die Cammerspiele.

Retro shirts!

Get your "Orange"-T-Shirt now! Just write an email to shirts@darksuns.de with your address and what your wishes are... let's renew your fashion style!

Thanks to Stephan and Marie for kewl-looking!

Sizes are M, L, XL for the T-Shirt and S, M for the Girlie. 16 Euro for each. Shipping costs depend on your home.

Hi folks,
enjoy this little video fingerfood in the last hours of 2011! Shot during the release show on 25th of November, with BIG THANKS to Robert, Frank, Kai and the whole video crew again. More to come in even more quality in the future, this will give you a nice insight into Dark Suns on stage, hell yeah!

Have a nice Sylvester evening. Contact us via booking@darksuns.de to enter your stage in your town next year.

Cheers, Dark Suns.

Thanx to everybody attending this evening.

Our 2CD/DVD Digipak edition of "Orange" includes the bonus EP "Re-Oranged" with four unplugged recordings. Please welcome "Megalomaniacs", for all you romanticists out there!

Megalomaniacs by DarkSuns

We just got the news... sorry ladies and gentlemen! Everything was and is okay with our release.

Anyway, "Toy" again... hopefully worth the waiting!

Full new song "Toy" by DarkSuns

CD & Releaseshow:

Am 25. November wird es die neue Platte in beiden Versionen geben! Wie gesagt, mit unserer Pressung ist alles OK. Man möge meinen, es wäre ein Grund mehr, vorbeizuschauen... ;-)

Have fun.

Release Show Update!


We are happy that there will be a really nice band in the boat with us on November 25th!

SAFI will perform as special guest at UT Connewitz and we're really looking forward that. As they are in the album production process, too, we're quite sure there is some new stuff to hear and watch on stage then.

Have a look on www.diesafi.de and you'll get finest stuff for your ears.

One month to go... bye.

"Orange" Release date!

We are very proud to share that information. Surely, it was a long way - 'though we should know how things work meanwhile... - finally we are very curious about the press and of course even more what you guys will think about the result.

We've been busy arranging, recording & mixing several weekends to finish our first unplugged EP ever done. Our way of interpreting a DS song in a veeeeery relaxed way. Not just uninspired "bonus songs". Believe me, my friend! :-)

Not to forget the DVD: Niko has cut one of the most intense moments ever together, and there is much more to explore... kewl. We won't vent on our nice experiences in video capturing, cutting, rendering, codecs, softWARe... Hell on earth, boy! But with big help from a friend of us (Hugs to Phillip! Now!) we got the stuff together, even nice working. Thanks, man.

Finally all we can say is.... GET YOUR LIMITED EDITION in November!

LVZ article this week. Slightly out of date, but nice, indeed. Thank You.

If you are somewhere around Rosslau next weekend, come by! First gig. The rehearsals have been a lot of fun. We are fit, that's for sure.



We thought it's time to share some really useful stuff with you. So hopefully you'll enjoy what you hear. Listen twice!

Teaser Orange by DarkSuns

More release news to follow soon... good night.

Tracklist "Orange":

Happy reading & misinterpreting:

  1. Toy
  2. Eight Quiet Minutes
  3. Elephant
  4. Diamond
  5. Not Enough Fingers
  6. Ghost
  7. That Is Why They All Hate You In Hell
  8. Vespertine
  9. Scaleman
  10. Antipole

Running time 60 minutes exactly. Cool, ha?

New Live Dates:

The list is short, but at least there is one. We will do our performance concentrating on "Orange" material... of course. Surprises all inclusive.

September 10 / Burgrock, Rosslau/Elbe - more info: www.facebook.com/burgrock
November 25 / UT Connewitz, Leipzig - special show

Come by.

Hi folks!

Time to start with the obligatory niblets to shorten time until official release... THIS will be this year's autumn, we really do not know an exact date for now.

Anyway, here is the final front cover:

Dark Suns - Orange

Hope you enjoy it. We will post the tracklist here soon. You know how the wind blows... Thanks for watching, see you guys later!

Bye, DS

Video 04

... or "Horny hours!"

Thanks Govinda and Evgeny! You did an awesome job.

Have a nice day.


Great. 10 songs, recorded in 5 days... 10 rocksongs, that seem to turn out unbelievable. To pick up the words below: We played. We inhaled, sweated, laughed, worried, created... we lost ourselves within here. The way was not easy at all.

We are really looking forward recording vocals, additional horns and maybe some weird stuff we just don't know currently... thumbs up!
Yesterday we've had our first "listening session" ... in a car. 4 guys rocking their own music. Passion.

See you. Happy Easter!

Video 03

... or "The 12 Bars Of Hell"

Good Night.

Men and their toys

Hi there,
almost 5 songs done in the last 3 days are good for the schedule. Yeah. Nevertheless time is running fast and there is quite a lot to record. But we really enjoy the process, are "IN" the music as never before and believe you will hear that in the end.

A few pics that - of course - cannot represent this intimate atmosphere perfectly, but surely a good try. Take a look.

You know the game... next motion picture in 24hours. Sleep tight!

Video 02

... or "Jacob's Touchdown Of Death"

See You. Bye

To build a sound

After four days of extensive fiddling we finally finished the soundcheck. None of the ten songs are done so far but we have a good feeling anyway. To keep it shortly: enjoy the pics of the day, next video comes up tomorrow.

Good Night, we have to catch some sleep.

Video 01

... or "Ekky in the sky with Hammonds"

More to follow tomorrow. Bye

Here we go again

Hi folks!
We finally entered Kick The Flame to put our ideas and instruments in place. We've been waiting for this moment quite a long time. But... waiting has been worthwhile, we return with a lot of new stuff and as a band of Five.

Bandpics by Proghippie.com

Silence is loud

We can't wait to play, to inhale, to sweat, to laugh, to worry, to create, to loose ourselves within here. Pure anticipation, or shall we say Andy-cipation as he's the guy to touch it, to turn it upside down and get the best out of us. Just a very next coffee to stay and a few mails to check out, before having an easy jam. The cumulus clouds revolve and we initiate the DS commune. Soundcheck starts tomorrow.

Stay tuned...